Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Breeder: Introduction

I have a story idea that's buzzing around in my head which has been bothering for a good part of the night and I wanted to get on it, but instead I thought I'd do the service to the few who read this of prefacing what is to come. The idea is rather vague, no fine details in my mind that would make it novel-worthy. Instead, I have decided to post it in parts here on my blog.
Should I got to sleep and awake to find the creative juices diverging from this idea, I shall promptly update this to let you all know and so as to not keep you waiting in anticipation of a proper first part.

Wow, that was wordy... I need to take a chill-pill from all the British-folk and their literature.


P.S - I have lost all motivation to write this story.

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